Becoming Resilient

New Beginnings

It all started for me when I watched, ‘A Crude Awakening, the Oil Crash’ and ‘The End of Suburbia’ back in June of last year.  That was my first exposure to peak oil and the depletion of fossil fuel that’s coming.   Since then I’ve been thinking, reading and learning everything I can about becoming resilient and living sustainably.   A few months ago I put together a five-year plan for my family that I hope will prepare us for any disaster or emergency, including skyrocketing oil and food prices.  So here’s my long-term plan:

Five Year Plan for Becoming Resilient

My Goals:

1. Be 80% Energy independent (housing and transportation) by 2017
2. Have 6 months of food and seed storage in place by 2012
3. Have water collection and water storage in place by the summer of 2012
4. Have a complete long term emergency supply kit in place by the summer of 2012
5. Have 60% of our land in use for food production by the spring of 2013
6. Become educated about permaculture, food preservation, food storage and basic survival skills (ongoing).

7. Join or build a community of like minded individuals to work together toward a brighter, more sustainable future.

Steps for becoming energy-efficient:

1)    New roof with radiant heat barrier.
2)    New heater or heat pump (energy star) more attic insulation, all devices on power strips including garage doors and kitchen appliances. Put fridge and freezer on timers.
3)    Purchase clothes dryer spinner
4)    Research and purchase solar panels or solar windows by 2015.
5)    Research and purchase electric car and battery-powered bike or scooter by 2015.

Steps for food storage:

1)    Decide on location (clean and organize)
2)    Learn what food stores best
3)    Find a bulk provider
4)    Begin purchasing storable food
5)    Order seeds from the seed vault

Steps for water collection and storage:

1)    Put in a rainwater collection device and purchase water barrels.
2)    Put in an irrigation system from water storage to the garden.
3)    Purchase water purification tablets or water purifier/distiller
4)    Purchase reverse osmosis for drinking water
5)    Put in a well (if necessary – do the research)

Steps for creating an emergency supply kit:

For the car:

1) 2 gallons of water, survival manual, first aid kit, spare clothes, water filter, flashlight, rope, blanket/sleeping bag, granola bars, batteries, crank radio, knife.

72-hour “Grab and Run” Emergency Kit:

1)    Purchase LED or crank flashlights, batteries, crank radio, water filter, iodine tablets, waterproof matches, long butane lighter, sleeping bags and wood/pile blankets, headlamp with LED light, candles, basic toiletries, cooking device, first aid kit, duct tape, survival manual, 25 gallons of water, waterproof/fireproof container with important documents,  (and ask my survivalist friend Joe what else I need)

2)   Purchase firearms for self defense.

3)  Purchase a generator and 5 gallon can of gasoline

Steps to convert land for food production:

1)    Till all farm-able land and mix with compost and yard waste
2)    Build more raised beds
3)    Build better composting system
4)    Use 100% of kitchen scraps for compost
5)    Plant fruit trees in the front yard.
6)    Raise chickens and rabbits for food.  Use manure for garden.
7)    Build fence to enclose the entire back yard.

Steps to furthering education:

1)     Participate in local classes on gardening and sustainable living. Visit organic farms and learn what they are doing. Purchase resource materials at garage sales. Start resource supply list (books, DVDs, blogs, newsletters, etc…)
2)    Spread the word.  Build community around sustainable living and the gospel.
3)   Start a blog to use as a resource center and journal of my progress in this endeavor.


About Kim Martindale

Mother of two, wife of one, home manager, gardener, student of health and wellness, world traveler, nature lover, researcher, Jesus follower, community builder. I'm seeking to become resilient and to live sustainably. I desire to give back and share what I'm learning with others.


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