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If you know me at all, you know that I’m passionate about water, pure water that is.  For five years my youngest daughter suffered with chronic eczema which caused frequent infections, discomfort and extreme pain whenever any lotions or creams were applied to her skin.   Bathing in warm water was painful and often just getting into the bath was a nightmare for her.  We frequented the doctor’s office and spent thousands of dollars on expensive creams, steroids and drugs to treat her skin.  Then I just happened to watch, The Beautiful Truth, where I learned about the dangers of fluoride.  I remember running to the bathroom to check my toothpaste and sure enough, right there in fine print were the words, “Call poison control if you swallow any toothpaste.”   That’s when I realized that my girls had been swallowing their toothpaste for years since they didn’t know how to spit yet.  They had also been drinking fluoridated water forever.

I went to the grocery store that day and bought distilled water and fluoride free toothpaste.   After drinking the distilled water for less than 24 hours, Grace came to me and said, “Mom, look, my eczema is gone!!”  Her skin was beautiful and clear for the first time in 5 years.  Once I ran out of distilled water and bought a Brita water filter but in just 12 hours, Grace was once again covered in eczema.  The scourge was even on her face and  then quickly became infected.  Brita filters don’t remove fluoride but they do remove chlorine.  That’s when I knew for sure that fluoride was the culprit.  I did some research and found a reverse osmosis system for our drinking water.  Grace’s eczema is gone and her asthma has improved as well.  We went from visiting the doctor several times a month to, well, we haven’t been since she started drinking pure water 7 months ago.  In fact we are all healthier.

So here’s what I think everyone should know about Fluoride.  What the government has finally admitted to (on NBC news this week) is that fluoride levels are too high and have resulted in fluorosis of the teeth in 41% of children in this country.


I’ve copied the following list of adverse effects of fluoride from The Center For Natural Dentistry

Adverse effects from fluoride ingestion have been associated with doses attainable by people living in fluoridated areas. For example:

  1. Risk to the brain. According to the National Research Council (NRC), fluoride can damage the brain. Animal studies conducted in the 1990s by EPA scientists found dementia-like effects at the same concentration (1 ppm) used to fluoridate water, while human studies have found adverse effects on IQ at levels as low as 0.9 ppm among children with nutrient deficiencies, and 1.8 ppm among children with adequate nutrient intake. (7-10)
  2. Risk to the thyroid gland. According to the NRC, fluoride is an “endocrine disrupter.” Most notably, the NRC has warned that doses of fluoride (0.01-0.03 mg/kg/day) achievable by drinking fluoridated water, may reduce the function of the thyroid among individuals with low-iodine intake. Reduction of thyroid activity can lead to loss of mental acuity, depression and weight gain (11)
  3. Risk to bones. According to the NRC, fluoride can diminish bone strength and increase the risk for bone fracture. While the NRC was unable to determine what level of fluoride is safe for bones, it noted that the best available information suggests that fracture risk may be increased at levels as low 1.5 ppm, which is only slightly higher than the concentration (0.7-1.2 ppm) added to water for fluoridation. (12)
  4. Risk for bone cancer. Animal and human studies – including a recent study from a team of Harvard scientists – have found a connection between fluoride and a serious form of bone cancer (osteosarcoma) in males under the age of 20. The connection between fluoride and osteosarcoma has been described by the National Toxicology Program as “biologically plausible.” Up to half of adolescents who develop osteosarcoma die within a few years of diagnosis. (13-16)
  5. Risk to kidney patients. People with kidney disease have a heightened susceptibility to fluoride toxicity. The heightened risk stems from an impaired ability to excrete fluoride from the body. As a result, toxic levels of fluoride can accumulate in the bones, intensify the toxicity of aluminum build-up, and cause or exacerbate a painful bone disease known as renal osteodystrophy. (17-19)^

Unfortunately, most filters do not remove fluoride from the water.  Look for a water distiller (which, unfortunately also removes minerals from the water) or a reverse osmosis system.

Fluoride information, news and resources:

Best Documentary’s About Water:


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