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Dirty Electricity and Other EMFs are Dangerous to Your Health

Experts now believe there is a strong correlation between the increased exposure to electrical contaminates in the home and the dramatic increase in a phenomenon originally known as “Radio Wave Sickness” now classified as “Electrical Hypersensitivity” and also known by other names such as Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity and electro-impairment.

Today, more and more people are experiencing symptoms of EHS and other more serous ailments as a result of the increased daily exposure to Dirty Electricity and EMFs from other sources like cellular and wireless devices.

Studies have shown that EMF contamination affects children more than adults, and the huge increase in electromagnetic energy in today’s modern electronic environment coincides with an alarming increase in new-age ailments such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome linked to chronic pain (also called fibromyalgia) and with the huge spike in childhood cancers, asthma, autism, ADD/ADHD and physiological and behavioral problems in children. EMFs have also been linked to breast cancer.

Research indicates that EMFs suppress the immune system’s response to ongoing processes such as tumor growth. In men, EMFs reduced testosterone – a hormone drop that has been linked to testicular and prostate cancers. In women there is strong scientific evidence linking ongoing exposure to EMFs and the huge increase in breast cancer in recent years. Dr. David Carpenter, Dean at the School of Public Health, State University of New York believes it is likely that up to 30% of all childhood cancers come from exposure to EMFs.

A scientific report released in 1994 suggested a possible link between occupational EMF exposure and increased incidence of Alzheimer’s disease. This study also found a higher incidence of Alzheimer’s disease among tailors and dressmakers.

Exposure to high-energy radiation and intense exposure to low-energy radiation from power lines, electric wiring and appliances have been strongly linked to leukemia.

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Investigators demonstrated an increase of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma deaths among employees of Ontario Hydro Electric as exposure to electric fields increased above thresholds of 10 and 40 Volts/meter over a period of several years.

Scientists in Russia have done more studies on EMF than any other country and for decades have been reporting that electric fields cause high blood pressure, chronic stress effects, immune system dysfunction, changes in white and red blood cell counts, increased metabolism, chronic fatigue disorders and headaches.

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The government of Sweden funded an official, massive study of the effects of electric fields from overhead power lines on 500,000 people over a period of 25 years and found overwhelming evidence that electric fields generated cancer in children at 4 times the normal rate and tripled the rate in adults. Sweden now lists electromagnetic fields (EMF) as Class 2 Carcinogens, right along with tobacco.

In a draft report issued in March 1990, the EPA recommended that EMFs be classified as a Class B carcinogen – a “probable human carcinogen and joined the ranks of formaldehyde, DDT, dioxins and PCBs.

Martin Halper, the EPA’s Director of Analysis and Support says “I have never seen a set of epidemiological studies that remotely approached the weight of evidence that we’re seeing with EMFs. Clearly there is something here.”

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warns: “There is reason for concern” and advises “prudent avoidance.”

See Evidence that Electromagnetic Radiation is Genotoxic

To have your home tested or school tested for electrical pollution or to order Stetzer filters to remove dangerous dirty electricity from your environment, call 1 877 987-5185.

“Our results strongly suggest that (electrical) transients are biologically active within the frequency range of 4 to 100kHz and at intensities currently found in homes and schools.”

Dr. Magda Havas, Professor & Researcher
Trent University, Environmental and Resource Studies Department


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