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Companion Planting for Fruit Trees: Natural Insect Repellents

Written By TheListLady peaches on the tree . Companion Planting for Fruit Trees While modern agriculture relies heavily on toxic chemicals to raise crops and control insects, home gardeners are reaping the benefits of companion planting; the natural way to attract beneficial insects and avoid the use of pesticides. Fruit trees can be protected if … Continue reading

Plant Nutrient Deficiencies, Identifying Plant Problems

By Marie Iannotti, Guide Original Article: Not all plant problems are caused by insects or diseases. Sometimes an unhealthy plant is suffering from a nutrient deficiency or even too much of any one nutrient. Plant nutrient deficiencies often manifest as foliage discoloration or distortion. The following chart outlines some possible problems. Unfortunately many … Continue reading

How to Grow Strawberries in Your Garden

Strawberries are considered a perennial fruit, although it is best to grow strawberries as biennials (see “propagating strawberries” below for more information please). Strawberries are, by far, the most popular garden-grown fruit. They come in so many different varieties, you’re almost certain to find one that will grow well in your climate. And, there’s always … Continue reading

What to Plant in Your Fall Vegetable Garden

by P. Allen Smith – Garden Home Read the original article here It hardly seems logical to discuss Fall planting when Summer is just getting underway, but it’s the right time  to begin your plans for an autumn garden. Ideally gardeners should start preparing for fall right around the summer solstice, if not before if … Continue reading

The Resilient Gardener, Food Production and Self-Reliance in Uncertain Times

By Carol Deppe The Resilient Gardener – click here to view or purchase on Amazon Scientist/gardener Caarol Deppe combines her passion for gardening with newly emerging scientific information from many fields – resilience science, climatology, ecology, anthopology, sustianable agriculture, nutrition, and health science.  In this book Deppe extends these principles with detailed information about growing … Continue reading

Kim’s Summer Harvest Gallery

Entrepreneur seeks to build community bonds one plot at a time

By Lesley Young Posted June 24, 2011 Read the original article here Through her Farm Girl Food Gardens landscaping business, Mary Phillips builds raised garden beds and plants whichever crops her clients want. She looks at her venture as a calling, to help people connect through healthful food. Mary Phillips sees food as a universal … Continue reading

Free Food in Your Yard: Edible Weeds

Edible Weeds Click here to view the original article By Erin Huffstetler, Guide Got weeds? Then, you’ve got dinner. Take a closer look at the weeds growing in your yard, and you’ll find that many of them are edible, delicious and nutritious. Here are 12 edible weeds to locate and try: Blackberries dogbomb Edible Parts: Fruit, leaves … Continue reading

Kim’s Garden Soil Recipe

I am often asked about the soil in my raised beds.  What do I use? How much? Where do I buy it? The last two years I’ve attempted to garden directly in Germantown’s hard, unforgiving clay.  Even after adding lots of compost I still had low yields. This is the first year that I’ve used … Continue reading

Kim’ Composting System

A few weeks ago I cleaned out my old composting box which I built with hardware cloth and wood two years ago.  The leaves and grass broke down into beautiful compost but the branches, roots and twigs were still solid.  I decided to redesign my structure into two simple forms and use only grass clippings, … Continue reading

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