Lyme Disease

I’ve compiled these resources for myself and those who are looking for answers concerning Lyme Disease.  Simply click on the text below to learn more.






Diagnosis and Treatment (supplements and herbal antimicrobials)

Anti-Microbials, Supplements and Detox Agents


Facebook Groups


Under Our Skin – An Award Winning Documentary about Lyme Disease

Joe Burrascano – Restorative Medicine – Lyme and Associated Tick borne diseases

Lyme Disease & Babesiosis: Updates on Diagnosis and Treatment 2011 – Richard I. Horowitz, MD

Dr. Joe Jemsek “Speaks the Truth” Speech about Lyme Disease

Turn The Corner Foundation – Fight Against Lyme Disease

The Evolution of an Angler (Woman’s true Lyme story starts about 7:30 into the video)

Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt about Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease Survivor Daryl Hall, of Hall & Oates, Interviewed

Our Story – Life & Lyme

Lyme Disease My Story

My battle with Lyme Disease

Bonnie’s brave Lyme disease battle

Brooke Landau Battle with Lyme Disease story on GMA

Lyme Disease – My Story *important, please watch!*

Lyme Disease, how I cured it after a deer tick bit me.

“Persistent Infection With Lyme Disease” Dr Phil

The Conspiracy of Lyme Disease

Family of 5 all have Lyme Disease

ABC-7 Lyme Disease Debate (Part 1)

ABC-7 Lyme Disease Debate (part 2)

Dietritch Klinghardt, M.D.’s presentation on HPU / KPU / Pyroluria, Lyme disease and Autism

Lyme Disease: A phone call saved my life and inspired Trusera

Michelle on Lyme Disease part 1

Michelle On Lyme – part 2



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